Aegean For Families - New designed Services for families

AEGEAN presents the ΑEGEAN For Families bundle of services, exclusively designed to make family travel by airplane a pleasurable, smooth and entertaining experience for all family members.

The new AEGEAN For Families services were created following several months of insightful research and study on how modern Greek families travel, to respond to all concerns that can limit the joy of travelling for families. These New Services concern all travelling phases: from the moment a family...

New Evidence Reveals Knossos, Europe’s Oldest City, Three Times Bigger than Previously Believed

Great news about the ancient city of Knossos in Crete.

Archaeologists working on the Greek island of Crete have uncovered artifacts and structures that suggest the ancient city of Knossos was three times bigger and richer than previously thought.

Knossos is believed to be Europe’s oldest city, according to archeologists. It was an epicenter of Aegean and Mediterranean trade and culture, but historians thought that after a solid 600-year run of prominence during the Greek Bronze...

Thalassa Beach Resort at Agia Marina, Chania New Member Of Our Family

We are very pleased to welcome Thalassa Beach Resort to the small family of

Thalassa Beach Resort is situated in charming Agia Marina, nearby (9km) picturesque town of Chania, a quiet, clean, classy, compact, modern, charming, friendly, family run, designed just for adults, small boutique hotel.

Great stylish pool area and indoors pool, nice sandy beach, wonderful spa, delicious breakfast and food, exceptional staff, stunning sea views. Surprisingly compact and...

Crete and Spinalonga Island

Daily Mail writer Helen Atkinson may describe Spinalonga, the Greek island off Crete, as a “tiny speck”, but she’s quick to point out that if you’re into history and fiction then this is the place to visit.

Exploring history and heartbreak: Stepping into the Cretan world of Victoria Hislop's novel The Island (and the chilling Spinalonga leper colony) Spinalonga is the tiny island speck at the heart of the author's haunting story about a leper colony in the 1930s Take an hour-long...

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Aegean Airlines Among 2015’s Fastest Growing Airlines

Greek carrier AEGEAN is ranked ninth among the world’s 20 fastest growing airlines in 2015, according to weekly e-journal (Airline Network News and Analysis).

A total of 359 airlines invested in more than 3,100 new services across 173 countries boosting both frequency and number of routes last year,’s New Route Database reveals.

European carriers stole the show, with easyJet and Ryanair topping the list, launching 99 new routes each in 2015 and achieving growth...

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On-site Museum To Host Ancient Eleutherna Treasures in Crete

Even when the weather is gloomy and the sun does not shine on the centuries-old olive trees planted during Venetian rule, Eleutherna's landscape has a particular glow.

Located in the heart of Crete, near the island's geographical center, the archaeological site is nestled in a slope of Mount Ida overlooking the sea. While time has erased most traces of the ancient city-state – with a human presence dating back to 3000 BC – from the surface, the ground itself has yielded much of...

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Best Solo Trips For 2016 - Included Crete

The Greek islands are among the best destinations for solo trips in 2016, to meet new people and gain some independence, according to a feature published in USA Today on Sunday.

As USA Today points out, now more than ever, solo travel is gaining popularity, as the travel industry has seen a steady increase in single travelers in recent years.

Greek islands for solo travel

On Greece, USA Today notes that even if the country is facing problems with its economy, people should not...

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Vitsentzos Kornaros Sitia Airport Enhance Tourism Of Lasithi Region

Regional authorities, professionals and residents of Sitia, eastern Crete, have high expectations that the launch on Wednesday, of the Vitsentzos Kornaros Airport will boost the local economy, create jobs and promote the region as choice tourist destination.

Named after the renowned Cretan poet who penned the epic poem Erotokritos, the Sitia Airport “Vitsentzos Kornaros” was officially inaugurated by Transport and Infrastructure Minister Christos Spirtzis this week.


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Crete Is In 10 best walking tours for 2016

The best escorted and self-guided walking holidays for 2016, including coastal rambles and challenging hikes, in destinations such as France, Italy, Crete, and Costa Rica.

Walking holidays are the antidote to the pressures of modern life. There is no real goal or to-do list other than to wend your way from A to B at your own pace, typically against a scenic backdrop. There is real benefit in booking a tour, whether it’s self-guided or fully escorted. With your walking routes...

Opening Date Of Elounda Gulf & Suites 2016

“Next year I won't wait so long to come back!"

If your are wondering who wrote it to us of our last guests at Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites.

Therefore, we are please to inform you that Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites will open on the 25th of March 2016.

Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites located at Elounda Village, once a picturesque fishing village in lovely Mirabello Bay and nowadays is an ideal destination for people who want a seaside holiday in a place which is neither too...